Thursday, October 16, 2014

Top 10 Restaurants in Austin for F1 @COTA

Hungry? You are visiting Austin for the F1 weekend...of course you are. So here is my own personal list of places you should check out. Some are classics, some are funky and some are just great. Have a great time at COTA and GO LH!!

10. Chuy's (the original on Barton Springs) - The Elvis statue and hubcap ceiling are pretty much a part of Austin history. Plus their top shelf frozen Marg is awesome. 

9. Fung Fu Saloon - you might need an adult beverage or two...and some classic video games (like Galaga).

8. Moonshine Patio and Bar - huge place with indoor and outdoor seating. The popcorn they serve when you sit down will make you happy. Food ain't bad either. 

7. Second Bar+Kitchen - great people watching place. Food was fantastic.

6. Enoteca Vespaio / Vespaio Restaurante - One high end Italian, the other a neighborhood hangout. They are next door to each other, so that makes it pretty easy.

5. Hoovers Cooking - if you happen to meet the Hoov, please tell him I said hi. Home cooking taken to another level.

4. Jeffrey's - because sometime you have to impress somebody- like your agent or a famous race driver, some Hollywood type or a supermodel.

3. Austin Java (Lamar Location) - GREAT breakfast and coffee place. Try the gingerbread pancakes or breakfast tacos.

2. Barley Swine - tiny bit sized works of food art. Plus I got to eat with and meet Padma Lakshmi from Top Chef.

1. Franklin BBQ - need I say more...expect a long chill Austin line.

Yes there will be crowds, and frankly you should probably try to make reservations at some of them (Second, Veapaio, Jeffreys, Barley Swine), the rest...just be ready to wait a bit. But it will be worth it. Now I also suspect if you hit several of these you may need to try to match Jenson Button's cardio routine to shed the pounds or you can just hit a hot club in the warehouse districts and dance the food baby away. Have fun!!

Oh and if you are just too full to move, buy my book. It will keep you engaged while your body processes that food baby:

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