Sunday, November 9, 2014

Top 10 Worst Cars Ever (sold in the USA)

Cars are for the most part pretty good these days. Yeah, there are a few duds (like anything built by Ssangyong Motors) but for the most part cars will get you from Point A to Point B without too much drama. The list below? These were some pretty crappy cars fostered on the American car buying public. Have fun reading and let me know if you agree. OH and buy my books (The Driver Book I and Book II) : it's a fun read and I promise none of the cars listed below and in the book. Hmmm, but then again, maybe they would make for a great crash scene. Anyway, here is the link:

10. Tie: Ferrari Mondial / Lamborghini Uracco: gorgeous buy useless. How could something so right be so wrong? Easy – late 70’s / Early 80’s emissions and safety had conspired to hamstring all the Italian stallions. The Mondial was not well thought out. Ferrari wanted a mid-engined car that be the stop gap between the big 12-cylinder mid-engined supercar (Testarossa) and the lithe 328i.  The Lambo? Well they were underfunded and in between owners…for a change. It was a beautiful car that really sucked (and don’t get me started on the Jalpa…).

9. Ford Pinto: What!? besides the concrete fact that ANY rear end accident resulted in an EXPLOSION? Well the Pinto was just wrong on so many levels. It was what a shameful FoMoCo fosters on an unsuspecting American public when the middle-east turned off the oil tap. Shameful.

8. Fiat Strada: Fiat’s were terrible in the US, but the Strada was the terribleist (is that evan a word?). It was plasticky, flimsy, had AC what was marginal at best (and at worst blew really hot air) and had HUGE ugly bumpers that hung off the front AND rear. Oh and it stranded me constantly when the clutch cable broke. I took to keeping an extra one if the trunk.

7. Chevy Vega: See Ford Pinto above, but the GM version. They did have the Cosworth Vega, but that hardly counts.

6. Cadillac Catera: The Caddy that Zings. Yes that was what their clever advertising said about this turd. It was a rebadged Opel when Opel’s were really bad. Sucks for the 6 people that bought one. I laugh at them (and whoever is driving it) when I see them on the road.

5. Chevy SSR: It’s a truck, but not really. It’s a sports car...maybe not so much. Or is it a clever convertible with a very large pickup shaped trunk? I hope not! What it really is…a piece of sh$t. Yet another terrible vehicle (cannot call it either a car or truck or convertible) that GM has fostered on the automotive buying public.

4. Bricklin SV1: Well it did have cool powered gull wing doors (the DeLorean had manual doors). Malcolm Bricklin tried to make a cool sports car, a safe one too (hence the name S-Safe, V-Vehicle, 1-well one...). Too bad it weighed more than it’s Ford motor could handle. It was slow, it overheated and cost $16,000 to build (but was sold to dealers for $5000). Hmmm, based on the economic model, was this maybe a Soviet car? No, just a bad one. Too bad Canada gets the bum rap on this one.

3. AMC Gremlin: See Ford Pinto and Chevy Vega above. AMC was slowly (or maybe not so slowly) going broke. Their answer to the fuel crisis of 1973 – the Gremlin. No wonder they went out of business.

2. Yugo GV: This was maybe the worst car to ever be sold in the US. Motors would fall out, doors would fall off, handles would snap off. And what was when the car was sitting still. Or as the guys building them at the factory called it – Monday.

1. Pontiac Aztek: Pontiac is no longer with us. This is the reason why. All those great cars of the 50’s and 60’s came to naught because of this crapper. GTO’s, Grand Prix’s, Bonneville’s – all reduced to a footnote in history. Why? Tom Peters designed it saying it was to point to the future direction of GM’s styling. Thank GOD that did not happen. But this did and I am sorry and try to avert my eyes every time I see one on the road. I know that some folks think it is cool because it was on Breaking Bad. Sorry but Walter White will never make this cool, forget revisionist history, this thing should remain in the scrap heap of history.

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