Thursday, November 13, 2014

FREE download on Amazon this weekend - The Driver Book I and Book II - go download them...they are free after all

Hey everyone, my new book The Driver Book II – Training is FREE on Amazon Kindle this weekend. The promo starts Friday Nov 14 through Sunday Nov 16. The URL is:

OK, if you got past that bombshell, let’s get down to business. Fact is; it’s hard to publish a book. Let me restate that. It’s easy to publish a book, anybody can write one and set it up to publish on Amazon. And to be frank, there is a lot of garbage out there in Kindle land. But there is good stuff too, superbly written stuff, amazing reads from authors that will never be discovered. Pity.

But The Driver series is different. It is aimed at you dear reader - someone that cares about all things automotive. After all, why are you here to begin with? You have a Cayman or Boxster or Carrera or Cayenne or Panamera or Macan or maybe a combination of all of these, plus a whole bunch of old Porsches lurking in your garage. You are a Porschephile. It’s OK to admit it. I am, I do.

So why write a book about a racer, a guy living so close to the edge, the analogy of the balancing on the razorblade seems a bit…well dull. A guy that takes a leap into the underworld of being a Driver. Someone that plies their trade off the grid, under the radar, but with one big difference – they could be driving right into the arms of danger. You see these Drivers take people or things (or people and things) from Point A to Point B, but with one important distinction. They never really know what they are carrying. And that one fact means they are constantly living in a world of gray. Gray, the color of ambiguity, the shade of the shadows, that’s where a Driver lives.

The central character, Marc Lange is a good guy in his core. After all he’s a dedicated Porsche GT3 racer. It’s just that the team is almost broke. The Driver Book I is all about Marc decision, should he go against his better instincts and join the shadowy brotherhood of Drivers? Or not? Book II – Training picks right up where the action of Book I leaves off. And for this weekend you dear Planet 9 reader can download Book I and II for free from Amazon. You read that right; I am throwing in Book I as a free down load too. Here is the URL:

OK enough of plugging my books, back to Porsche stuff. I have to tell you all, I sure do miss hanging around all the Porsche forums. I really miss my Cayman S. I have owned eleven Porsches and that includes the mighty 930 Turbo, but I miss my Cayman S the most. The guy that bought it got a deal. A nicely set up road and track car with all the right options. I did buy another Porsche since I sold the Cayman. Actually come to think of it, I bought two. I purchased a very heavily modified 944 Turbo track car, but it was really too much. It needs more (meaning $$$) then I could give. It five hundred dollar’ed me to death. I only owned it about a year before I sold it. With the proceeds I was able to buy a 2001 Boxster S. It is a decent car, but it ain’t no Cayman S. And on a side note, I am doing my first track event with this weekend, so I have that to look forward to as you are downloading my book.

Oh did I mention download? Funny how I sneakily came back around to the fact that you can download The Driver Book I – Decision and The Driver Book II - Training this weekend. Take them for a test drive. If you do not like it, you can always return it. Oh wait, it’s free. Well you get the idea. But do me a favor – if you like it (and I think you will), leave a review up on Amazon. I would really appreciate it. Consider it the pay back for me giving you the book to begin with.

And on that exhaust note, see you all around!

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